Rollerski with LED Lights

Ever had the feeling that your gear is functional and cool, but misses that sleek, modern touch? An Italian manufacturer, Ski Skett, knows how to help.

This coming season, the good people from  Sandrigo, Vicenza are bringing to the market a rollerski model featuring “LED lights integrated into the fork”.

As you would expect, the new rollers are for the classic style – imagine the light beams going wild, were you to integrate the lights into the skating ones!

The model is named “Marcialonga”, and, apart from the slightly geeky looking LEDs, features rubber wheels, waterproof bearings, a leg brake and a frame made of “aeronautical alloy” – which, presumably, stands for what most people call “aluminium”.

Ski Skett promotes “Marcialonga” as a model for longer runs. The unspoken message of the product is that “nothing prepares you for the rigors of the Cascata climb like a good fifty miles on a new rollerski set”.

…first order of the new model Ski Skett Marcialonga ready for delivery!!

Posted by Alessandra Galvan on Monday, April 10, 2017

Interestingly, the specimen Ski Skett presented at ISPA earlier this year sported white-blue livery – the actual production model, meanwhile, seems to have a more traditional “aluminum with black” co lour scheme.

No price yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

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