In the Army Now…

Niklas Dyrhaug shared with 55 thousands of his subscribers on Instagram a photo of himself along with Didrik Tønseth and Finn Hågen Krogh sporting a rather different uniform of Team Norway

Taken at Setermoen Leir, Norwegian Armed Forces largest military base near Tromsø, the image features the trio in brand-new Army uniforms , including bullet-proof kevlar vests,

Tønseth, Dyrhaug and Krogh are seen holding various versions of a standard Norwegian Army assault rifle, Heckler & Koch HK416N. No pacifists there, it seems!

Since no explanation for a sudden militarization of the trio of most promising new talents in the Norwegian team was provided with an Instagram post, we are all left wondering whether they seek continue their careers with the Heimevernet or the Home Guard.

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