More Skiers Go Camo

April is the month when professional skiers descend ( quite literally) from the mountains and come out from the forests where they live and train most of the year and for a short while become the ordinary citizens.

Yesterday we shared with you a link to Niklas Dyrhaug’s Instagram, featuring a Team Norway trio of Didrik Tønseth, Finn Hagen Krog and Dyrhaug himself in Norwegian Army uniforms with assault rifles. Unspoken message is quite clear – locked & loaded for the next season!

Today Tønseth have added some heavy artillery to the message – here’s the trio on top of Leopard 2, one of the biggest & meanest main battle tanks in the world.

If the Norse men were hoping for their photo challenge to be answered, today they have met their match: nobody else but Sergei Ustyugov have published the selfie in the military garb. Dressed in the Russian Rosgvardia ( analogue of the National Guard) camo with insignia of the First Lieutenant, Comrade Ustyugov is flanked by a fellow Russian international Evgeniy Belov, currently provisionally suspended by FIS from participating in the competitions – but not from serving Mother Russia

Russian skiing portal reports that Ustyugov’s call-up would last for a week after which the world champion of Lahti would begin his training for the Pyeongchang Olympic games next Febuary

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