Skiing Fun, Siberian Style

What is going on on this Instagram post of Alexander Bessmertnykh, Holmenkollen 50k’s bronze medalist of this year and one of top classic style ski racers of the last season?

Did he join the Russian Mafia?

Is he training for “military duathlon” of skiing and pistol shooting?

Or is it a start gun and, being the guest of honor, Bessmertnykh just sent hundrds of revelers down piste in what is billed as the “World Biggest Bikini Snowboarding Fest” at the Sheregesh ski resort, Kemerovo Oblast

Although we are a dedicated cross country skiing site, a towering presence of Alexander Bessmertnykh gives us an excuse we need to share the best moments of that snowboarders’ paradise meet-upsun.

Grelka Fest 2017

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