Johannes Høsflot Klæbo Does Dubai, Wins

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo and his “posse” want you to know that there’s cross country skiing to be done on the Arabian Peninsula.

In a colorful company of fellow Team Norge racer Niklas Dyrhaug, an Olympic gold medalist in Nordic Combined Jørgen Nyland Graabak as well as fellow Trønderne Mathias Rundgreen and Magnus Stensås, the Prince of Nordic Skiing has descended upon the snow covered slopes of Ski Dubai, one the biggest indoor skiing facilities in the world

And did we forget Robin Bryntesson – the man himself, the skier, who doesn’t need introductions any more??

It was, of course, Bryntesson who shared a short clip of what 5 Norwegians and one Swede were up to in Dubai

We believe it’s the first time Ski Dubai saw real, proper, trendy cross-country skiing at this level inside its heavily insulated walls.

But, likely, not the last. A Norwegian production company from Mosjoen in charge of organizing a popular Bysprinten event wants to stage a similar one in Dubai next year. And who won the last Bysprinten less than a month ago?? Exactly.

See you in Dubai next year, we guess

TOP PHOTO Courtesy of Frank Vollan/

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