Most Expensive/Exotic Training Classic Rollerskis

The classic training rollerskis segment is dominated by solid, time-tested models such as Marwe Rollerski 800 XC Classic, Swenor Fiberglass, and Elpex Evolution.

We, however, take a look at what expensive exotics can be found in this most conservative of rollerski sectors.

1. Ski Skett Elite Classic Flex (formerly known as Flex CL)
The Italians are world leaders in carbon fiber monocoque manufacturing (Ferrari, Colnago anybody?). Whatever they learned in supercar and superbike production is, obviously, drifting into rollerski making. The first of the two Italian entries on our list is a brightly colored pair from Sandrigo. They feature a carbon monocoque frame – with forks, however, made of stainless steel.

Wow-factor: they are bright. Ski Skett is one of the oldest names on the market – they were making rolloerskis back in the 1970s already.

Price: 369 €

2. Jenex V2 XLQ9848
From the US-based company that pioneered calf brakes comes the product that defies classification. Since they have ratchet mechanisms, we consider them classic rollerskis – albeit ones with massive 98x48mm rubber wheels (but not the tires Jenex is best known for), which makes the XLQ9848 a rather unique pair of all-terrain classic rollerskis. Unique features come with weight penalty: they are 2550 grams/pair.

Wow-factor: high. Everybody on the track will want to know what these are.

Price: 370 € in Europe

3. Globulonero CS1 Carbon Classic
The brainchild of Franko Nones’ cross country skiing empire (who doesn’t know Nones Sport in Cavalese?), CS1 has a “100% carbon hand-finished chassis with Globulonero monocoque technology (registered international patent) featuring wheel forks, fenders and integrated barycentre adjustment”. Sounds impressive.

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For this segment they are very light – 1920 gram/pair.

Here, Team Italia Greta Laurent and Ilaria Debertolis show us how good looking the Italian rollerskis can be.

Wow-factor: you will be noticed whether you like it or not. CS1s are the only full-carbon monocoque classic rollerskis in the known universe – and look to kill.

Price: 396.00€

4. SWIX C2 Roadline Vario Classic
Roadline Varios are on this list because they are the longest standard classic rollerskis we could find (there are also uber-exotic CAT skis, but those are a different species altogether).

Vario’s wheelbase is 790mm – the manufacturer claims it helps to provide the most realistic simulation of the kick-and-glide motion of diagonal style skiing.

Wow-factor: Swix rollerskis, née Pro-ski in Sweden, are solid but not flashy. Roadline Vario don’t look much different from other Swix rollerskis.

Price: 434,99 € (with speed reducers included)

5. IDT Sports Dynagrip
Introduced in 2012, it remains the most expensive training classic rollerski pair on the market bar none. It’s essentialy your trainer. To make a long story short, the Dynagrip system ensures that you slip on them as much or as little as you would on real skis, thus making for a properly realistic ride. It’s all about correct and ski-like weight transfer to get a grip on them – and on the skis later in season.
All of IDT Sports’ products are made in Norway, specifically in Lena, in Østre Toten.

Wow-factor: IDT is a rare brand, found almost exclusively in Norway. IDT Dynagrip is yet rarer and is what some would call an “exclusive product”.

Price: 6480 Norwegian krone or 680€

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