What You Always Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask: WAGs

While male skiers fight for medals, travelling to different countries, their wives and girlfriends are waiting them at home. Well, you know what they say: behind every successful man there is a woman. Here, we present some of the brightest and coolest of those women.

3-time Olympic Champion Dario Cologna’s girlfriend, Laura Bucher, travels with him to all main starts like OG and WC. Dario and Laura spent their last vacation in Barcelona, Spain, but in Switzerland they live in different cities. Laura works in Zurich as a Project Manager in Swiss Ice Hockey Federation, while Dario prepares for winter season in Davos with his younger brother, Gianluca.



Alexander Legkov married his girlfriend, Tatiana, in May 2012. They live in a gated community just outside Moscow, bringing up their son Arseniy, born in July 2015.

Tatiana Legkova, manning a household, likes is a known fitness aficionado and often publishes photos from the gym. She has a fancy for painting and sometimes goes with her husband to pre-season training camps in Europe. One reason Legkov broke up with his Swiss coach Burgermeister: he didn’t allow him to take his family into the camp.

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Legkov’s fellow Team Russia Evgeniy Belov is a lucky husband of Alexandra Belova, nee Golovyrskikh. Before hanging up her boots (and skis) Alexandra was a pro-skier herself and took part in several international races, including the Eastern Europe Cup.



Upon retirement from elite racing, she became a stylist has been working in the fashion industry. “A stylist. A personal shopper” – that’s how she describes herself on Instagram. Alexandra’s bold and ambitious clothing style earned her quite a following on the social media.


Swedish Frida Linner, the girlfriend of a skier & showman Robin Bryntesson, works as hairdresser and visagist. Now she’s been dealing with their two children – Wilda (2 y.o.) and Jack, born a few weeks ago.




The last person on our list – Even Northug’s girlfriend Julie Carlsen. Even might not be as successful as Petter on the trail, but in his private life, however, he has one up on his currently single older brother. Julie is also a skier. In one of the interviews Even said, that she was the best woman in all world.


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