Premium Rollerski From Bavaria That Really Stand Out In the Crowd

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A popularity of rollerskiing must be exploding. At least, seriously increasing.
That is a strong impression one gets from observing the amount of the new entrants to already pretty saturated field of rollerski producers.

The latest trend seems to be easy to summarize in one word: “suspension”

A Canadian Rundle advertises ” a unique suspension that helps absorb the bumps, tracks straight, and make rollerski overall more comfortable” for its Flex model.

A close-to-impossible to find in Europe US-made Pursuit Fork Flex ( that gets raving reviews in the North American skiing press ,. is featuring spring-steel fork to provide flex ” that simulates the flex of a ski better than concave flex typical of composite frames”

Needless to say, those are flagship, top-of-the line models costing quite a bit of $, €, NOK or SEK , depending on where you live.

Now we have a new entrant to this rapidly growing field – and its approach is even more radical.

Meet Hans-Jürgen Siebenäuger and his ComfortskateS

What sets them apart from the very first look is their construction – ComfortskateS are the skate rollerskis with three wheels! To the best of our knowledge, nobody is using three-wheelies these days outside a very specific field of racing rollerskis for uphill classic competitions. The ComfortskateS, however, are aimed at a wide spectrum of users, from elite racers down to very beginners.

” The ComfortskateS are especially suited for beginners, which do not have any previous or only very little experience with cross-country skiing. It is way more stable than a typical two-wheeled rollerski. However, the skis were tested by some elite skiers as well and we had a lot of positive feedback from them. Even tough, our focus is on beginners and advanced amateurs, which are still learning the correct technique.” says Mr. Siebenäuger

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Needless, to say, ComfortskateS are utilizing a proprietary suspension system whereas all the three wheels are spring-loaded – with spring tension on every wheel adjusted individually, so that it could be adapted to different weights and levels of proficiency.

Manufacturer says that ” thanks to the springs, it is possible to naturally tilt the whole ski in a way like a real skating ski is tilted when sliding outwards. This is the reason for a high similarity between winter skiing and our product”

The ComfortskateS feature aluminum frame and could be had with either rubber or polyurethane (PU) wheels with different speed characteristics.

The Bavarian engineering did not go unnoticed – ComfortskateS are proudly wearing the Badge of Honor – ISPO 2017 Award in Category rollerski.

The ComfortskateS, however, are anything but cheap – in fact, they would be the second most expensive pair in our comparo of the world’s fanciest skating rollerskis

You decide whether 429.00 € is a right price for something so out-of-the-box as ComfortskateS ( and 499,00 € for a Cross version with pneumatic wheels). We would love to test them when opportunity presents itself.

NB This is not an advertorial ( same is true about all other materials on this site) – when/if it changes, we shall let you know, promise!

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