Roll Goldie Roll: Rollerskiing On Motorways As Way Of Raising Awareness

Christopher Gouldsmith also known as Goldie is on rollerski tour of epic proportions.

Mr. Gouldsmith, an avid skier and the founder/owner of Chris-Cross-Ski Fitness in Hayscastle , UK is efforting to make history by becoming the very first rollerskier to ride all the way from John O’ Groats to Land’s End ( those happen to be the island of Britain north-eastern most and south-western most points, respectively)

The former solder hopes to cover the distance of 824 miles ( 1326km) in about 2 weeks, making 60miles per day on average and here’s the map of his ride.

As it is common in the UK, Christopher is raising money for The National Autistic Society and Headway( £6000 target)

And it is hard to deny that his journey is raising awarness about the great sport of rollerskiing in the United Kingdom – albeit not necesserily for all the right reasons. The matter is, Goldie chose to ride on the motorways – the practice explicitly forbidden in most of the continental Europe – but not in the United Kingdom, it seems.

The first part of the trip happened to be on infamous A9, labeled “Scotland’s most notorious killer road”.

Altough Goldie’s team campervan provides a degree of protection to a lonely skier, many a motorist sound incensed in their social media comments e.g.

Andrew Russell Fair play doing it for charity but the a9 is dangerous enough without this.

Jeff Meek Surely there should be a warning vehicle further back?Noble cause and all that, but really? On the A9?

Darryl Pace I can’t believe this has not been stopped. What’s with people lately doing stupid things for charity that is dangerous and disrupts other people’s lives. Looks at the traffic building up behind. It’s one of the most dangerous roads in the UK.

Others, however, cheer on

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Tony Firth Well done mate! Just keep rollin!!!!!!!

Hichame Moubarak No weakness mate..just keep know about resilience for sure.

You can keep track of progress and find more details on FB page Roll Goldie Roll

PHOTO courtesy of Roll Goldie Roll

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