Washboard Stomach? Skiers Do It Best!

Everybody wants better core muscles (and if you don’t – you are reading the wrong website, clearly).

To get them you could sign up for some ultra-fancy Solidcore Studios (and bump into Michelle O. or Ivanka T. indoor-sweating next to you).

Or you could become a skier. We think becoming a skier is better, far far better option. And as a proof present you select examples of what a well toned skier’s stomach looks like this season.

Ilaria Debertolis explores Paradise Beach of Sardinia in the company of Greta Laurent, both from Le Squadre Azzurre

…And Meliá Bali, Indonesia too

Anna Seebacher, Austria also likes to use Sardinia vistas as a background

…as well as showing Dachstein glacier from an unfamiliar angle

Here’s Polina Kovaleva, Russia – at work…

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Первая имитация позади 😩😧😆

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…and on her day off.

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Последние денечки и в путь 🚀

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Silje Theodorsen, clearly, likes to get on top of things…
… in Font-Romeu Pyrénées

..and Kvaløya island.

Evelina Piippo prefers moderate warmth of her native Finland in the summer.


Top photo courtesy of: instagram.com/siljetheo

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