Justina Kowalczyk Signed By Revamped Team Robinson

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“My new Italian long-distance lifestyle”

that’s how Justina Kowalczyk broke the news of her joining Team Robinson for the upcoming season.

Previously known as Team Robinson Petshop Trainer , it is reborn this season as Team Trentino Robinson Trainer and will be lead by a veteran of the world ski circuit Bruno Debertolis

At the unveiling on Saturday in Ziano di Fiemme at the heart of the famous Fiemme valley, it was announced that Team Robinson will enter the Visma Ski Classics series where it intends to “take on Norwegian monsters” who were/are running the show for the last decade.

The team will list, apart from Kowalczyk, a well known Finnish ski marathoner Heli Heiskanen plus some of the best homegrown talents, such as Nicolas and Thomas Bormolini and Veronika Broll.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the main race of the season for the new team would be a domestic one – the local girl Cristina Paluselli was the last Italian to win the Marcialonga race in 2006, ( in men’s race it was the Olympic champion Fulvio Valbusa in 2000)

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