Because It’s Friday – And You Love Your Coach

Just because

1. it’s Friday
2. you’ve done with your training micro-cycle and feel good about life, this world & all the humanity in it.
3. that ‘peaceful, easy feeling’ extends to your beloved coach, source of most of your pains, those physical especially, – and you want to do something nice for her or him.

Here’s something NOT for you – but for the said coach in your life:

Blizwheel ESkates – foldable, futuristic and outright cool electric skates

You know what your coach would particularly appreciate, if our experience is anything to go by? Check you that dude at 02’09” trying – and, obviously, failing a decent one-foot glide? It’s because he never went to that famed Supreme Higher Coaching Education Academy you’ve heard so much about and, therefore, does not know how – but your guy will happily show you how it’s really done!

In other times it could be used to smooth- sail behind you on those grueling rollerski mountain uphills. Grueling for you, of course – because he/she could just use the electric power of the new gizmo ( and there is no need anymore to save space in your team van for the trainer’s bike)

And there’s no way that that coach of yours would not appreciate your heartfelt gift – because ESkates are currently being pledged for USD 569 on Kickstarter, with production version expected to retail for a cool round $999 plus shipping. Those figures spell respect!

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