Because It’s Friday – Here Come Your Dream Break-Away Skis

A prank or a glimpse into the bright future of cross country skiing?

“The divisible cross country ski for easy transport and storing / Den delbara längdåkningsskidan” reads a caption under a video on which an attractive skier pulls pieces out of a trunk of Volvo and quickly assembles them into ready-to-go skis.

The august board of the DailySkier spent last three days arguing over the video. Prank? But not quite accomplished then – where are the close ups of faces of duped customers?

Real attempt to innovate to which a good pair of Atomic Scintecs was sacrificed? You’d have to be featherlight not to break them. But hey, perhaps inventors found a way of reinforcing construction with some uber-graphene or whatever is the world’s toughest material at the moment?

You judge – and tell us what you think

We could only add that foldaway skis DO exist – just look at those made-in-USA AT beauties used by super-die hard snowboarders – or whoever feels like shedding $800 for a pair.

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