Secret Of Why Norway Is So Strong In Skiing Is Revealed

As 21 year old Johannes Klaebo was busy crushing his opponents in sprint freestyle finals in Seefeld this weekend, just a few hundred meters from the stadium Agnete was polishing her freestyle skiing skills too.

And it’s a really big question who’s got more spectators – so good was Agnete with her moves, so determined and ready to win.

Agnete is 5 and, like Johannes, she is also from Trondheim, Norway

Agnete’s and her 3 year old brother’s skis are cooling off. A little boy prefers classic style as he finds it more prudent to ski along the tracks.

There will be no pictures of Agnete in this story because filming & posting pictures of children should be left to their parents should they so decide – or so we firmly believe. Which is sad – because you wouldn’t get to see how good on skis she really was.

“No, we don’t get to see Klaebo taining much – Trondheim is rather big city”, smiles Agnete’s father. “But Agnete loves skiing – since she turned five she practices it nearly every day”

That’s it, really, the end of this short story. But – as we hope – it goes a long way in explaining why Norway is so indomitable and so rich on producing skiing talents. You just have to start at five – and love doing it every day!

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