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All That Moves Skiing World

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Up Close & Personal With Yelena Vyalbe: Part I

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Thorax: When Training Is Totally “Hyggeligt”

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The Daily Skier

14 hours 13 minutes ago

Robots are cool - and damn expensive , but experienced eyes of a professional on that final check are priceless.
Skis of today are not "some planks wrapped in plastic" - they are marvel of engineering and real luxury item for truly discerning public.
#ski #handmade #whatyouwant #hiihto #dailyskier #langrenn #langlauf #peltonen #лыжи #лыжныегонки

The Daily Skier

17 hours 27 minutes ago

That's how your future skis look at their "germinal stage". Peltonen Ski factory, Heinola, Finland

The Daily Skier

1 day 13 hours ago

Several robots are busy working hard at the production line of the Peltonen ski factory in Heinola, Finland.
Ski making is generally a rather conservative business and hasn't changed all that drastically since introduction of P-tex for glide surface and Nomex-like cores, but use of expensive robots like this ABB marvel of precision engineering is still pretty limited.

The Daily Skier

1 day 17 hours ago

You always wanted to know what World Cup - quality racing skis are made of, right? Well, here is your chance: on this video Jarmo Pilli, Peltonen Ski production manager is guiding us through the process of making flagship Supra X Skate WCR skis, like those used @swisscrosscountry Nadine Fähndrich.
Sorry the quality of audio - but stand by for a full story at DailySkier.com from the Peltonen production facility in Heinola, Finland next week where everything will be explained in detail!

The Daily Skier

2 days 13 hours ago

Coaches and athletes
@crami_62 and @sergei86m working on uphills in early winter at Gällivare

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