Skiing Siblings

Yes, cross country skiing is a “siblings’ sport”.

You all have heard about, read and watched on the trail the trio of Northug brothers, Kerttu and Iivo Niskanen, Dario and Gianluca Cologna – the list goes on.

Today we take a look at the less known – but up-and-coming siblings in our sport.

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Another Top Five List

I would like to follow up on this story Everybody has his or her own list of Top Five to

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Devices And Gadgets We’d Love To Have – But Can’t As Yet

Sadly, the size of the market for cross country skiing is a shadow of its fancy cousin, alpine skiing – and much smaller than, say, running or biking. Which means the innovations are headed first to them, where the fatter profits are to be made.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest – and dream that one day we, “the real skiers”, could get similar.

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Five Up-And-Coming Skiers Who Will Turn You Into Avid Skiing Fan

What is that we like so much about watching sports? National pride? Sure. Maximum exertion needed to win? Check. Seamless, smooth technique that comes from a combo of talent and thousands of hours of practice? Sure, check, Gorgeous athletic bodies on display? Check, check, check!

It’s tough to be a sports star these days. Just winning is not enough – you have to have a persona that media loves (or loves to hate), and you have to relentlessly work on developing and nurturing a fan base on social media platforms. In return you get your portion of fame – and lucrative sponsorship contracts.

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