RePublished:  Cooled Ski Track Of Kontiolahti, Finland

RePublished: Cooled Ski Track Of Kontiolahti, Finland

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The days are getting cooler & shorter, the itch to go back to snow is getting stronger. To help your planning, today we revisit a unique project by Finnish engineers: Kontiolahti cooled snow track that will be operational again in less than 6 weeks from now, in mid- October =================================================== Kontiolahti is located somewhat off the beaten track in Eastern Finland. It is some 450km, or 5 hours, from Helsinki by car and at least the same distance from Lapland, where early-season skiing in Finland primarily takes place. However, when driving the main highway number 5 between Southern and Northern Finland, the detour is no more than two hours, out and back. There is also a commercial airport about 20 kilometres away in Joensuu with daily flights from Helsinki. Kontiolahti…
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