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…Yet Experience Still Matters At Olympics – And These Guys Prove It

By DS News Team / February 23, 2018

Time Of Youth: U23 Skiers Sweep Podiums At Olympics

By DS News Team / February 22, 2018

Randall & Diggins Make History: First Olympic Gold For Non-Europeans

By DS News Team / February 21, 2018


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Alexander Bolshunov turned 21 less than two months ago - and that makes even Johannes Klaebo to looked like a seasoned veteran by comparison. A youngster from Bryansk, on the Russian border with Ukraine and Belarus, has become one of the Olympics' brightest stars: four races that he run - four medals. But his path to Pyeongchang's glory was anything but smooth this season ...
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While Pyeongchang-2018 was, undoubtedly, a break-out tournament for the youth, some top athletes keep on proving their mettle year after year, the Olympics after the Olympics ...
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Never before in the history of cross country skiing as organized sport did the youth perform so well at the major competitions. Let's see In ladies' skiing the ratio of youngsters on the podiums is not as overwhelming but is also more than convincing: With coaches & specialists are still being busy at the Olympics, we don't have any authoritative explanation for this "youth pedestal invasion": why now, why in Pyeonchang, why youth seems to be blooming early in three countries only - Norway, Sweden and Russia? We shall ask those questions when opportunity presents itself and, of course, share with you here ...
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They say "A picture is worth a thousand words". We concur - and instead of stuffing you with various info about two ladies who made a history last night by winning the very first non-European gold in cross-country skiing, we shall effort to convey what we saw throughout this season, their steps to triumph in Pyeonchang Without further ado: ...
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It's a battle between an established king of 15k freestyle ( and the reigning Olympic champion on that one - albeit classic style) .... ... to help Cologna to defend the honor of ancient people ( read those born in 1980s), there are two viceroys ...They will be opposed by the score of young & ambitious princes of xc skiing and the latest and, possibly, most formidable challenger at this distance ...
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